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Easiest & Most Effective Way of NRI Tax Return

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Non Resident Indians (NRI) Tax e-Filing

Apart from providing services to people in India, Taxzippy also caters to NRI clientele who can file their Indian tax returns remotely. Taxzippy enables tax filing from anywhere across the globe without getting tangled in the cumbersome process of filling up the forms and spending time in gathering information on the latest updates, circulars and notifications provided by the Income Tax department. We regularly update and incorporate all provisions as introduced or withdrawn by the Income Tax Department and keep up with the notifications and circulars which are published on a regular basis.

  • An online app where a tax expert prepares and files your taxes.
  • Upload your documents anytime, anywhere by mouse click.
  • We keep 100% confidentiality of your information.
  • Flat fee for introductory year.
  • Submission of your signed ITR V to CPC Bengaluru.
  • Year round support.
  • Expert tax advice
  • Accuracy guaranteed.
  • File returns from across the globe (Best for persons on the move)
  • Reliability- Guaranteed 99.9% uptime using AWS.
  • Track your Return and processing by the IT Department.
  • Expert team consist of chartered accountants, law attorney and qualified tax professionals to make sure you get maximum tax benefits.
  • Dedicated tax expert to analyze every deduction you are entitled to and guarantee the accuracy.